Dream trip: Backpacking through South America

favourite country


"It's hard to pick a favourite country

 I think every country in the world has something unique to offer! However, Spain is special to me because I spent a few months living there with a host family and got to experience real Spanish life. I took Spanish language courses, and my family took me to birthdays, Baptisms and local festivals, showing me how the Spanish really live."

Favourite travel photo:

Me in front of an active volcano, in Java, Indonesia.

Biggest travel fail:

Flying from Japan to Hawaii. We were so out of touch with the time zones that we arrived at our Waikiki hostel thinking it was Saturday, when it was actually Friday, and we didn’t have the night booked.

The best meal I've had...

One of the best meals I had was in Greece. Every single meal in those 3 weeks was absolutely incredible, from the fresh Greek salads to the creamy Greek yogurt with honey. One that stands out was at a tiny, family owned restaurant in Santorini (the husband cooked and the wife served). We ordered white wine, a fava bean deep and saganaki to start, grilled lamb that came with pita bread and tzatziki and then they brought us a homemade Greek dessert at the end of the meal. It was unforgettable.

The best lesson I've learned while travelling:

To be open-minded! The most amazing experiences often happen spontaneously when you meet people and explore new cities that if you’re stuck in a pre-determined plan or itinerary, you’ll miss out! Being open allows you to meet incredible people and make memories you’ll never forget.

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