Adventurer of the Week: Katherine

Adventurer of the Week: Katherine

August 06, 2021

Meet Katherine!

Where are you from and what's your favourite place you've been?
I’m originally from Harding, New Jersey, though I’ve been living in New York City, and have been spending this past year in Jackson, Wyoming. My favorite place I’ve ever visited is undoubtedly Kenya—it’s absolutely astounding in its beauty, and the people there are so kind and welcoming and funny, I find the people usually make the trip, at the end of the day.
3 fun facts about you:
I’m descended from Dracula (seriously! Vlad the Impaler), my ancestor fell off the Mayflower, and I’ve been to all 50 states. (Of course, the latter might not be that surprising as a travel writer).
What is an experience or destination that is on your bucketlist?
Antarctica, without a doubt. And it would have to be a sailing trip. You must cross the Drake Passage on boat—flying doesn’t count! I almost went on this trip in fall of 2019, but had to reschedule, as the timing didn’t work out. And now that we’re in a plague, I’m anxious for the moment when I’ll ever get that opportunity again!
What can’t you travel without that isn’t on a typical packing list?- Portable chargers, in all shapes and sizes, and adapters for international power outlets. These items may not be on your typical packing list, but they should be. You never know when you’re going to be in a situation where your phone is dead and there’s no hope to resuscitate it. (Speaking from experience). 
Katherine in Peru
What is an unforgettable meal or most interesting food you’ve tried abroad?
 The Brazilian breakfasts I enjoyed on the Amazon River with Amazon Nature Tours were astounding—I was eating fruit I’d never even heard of before. (And fruit literally falls from the trees in the Amazon, in case you were wondering). But my favorite country for food has to be China. I could eat Chinese food, and only Chinese food, for the rest of my life and be happy.
Tell us a travel fail story.
A major travel fail was when I traveled to Jamaica on an expired passport, that I didn’t even realize was expired until moments before I left for JFK. Thankfully, the Jamaicans I encountered at the embassy, the airport, and everywhere else, were extremely understanding (insanely understanding, all things considered), and very helpful. Which leads me to my most important travel lesson…
Friends in a car
What is the most important lesson travel has taught you?
 Travel has taught me that people are fundamentally good—to trust in my fellow human beings. And it’s taught me to be flexible. Expect everything to go wrong when you’re traveling—that’s half the adventure, after all. And then, when things work out, you will be pleasantly surprised!
Follow Katherine's adventures  @KatherineParkerMagyar

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