Exploring Cebu with a 4-year old

Exploring Cebu with a 4-year old

May 10, 2020

Cebu prides itself as one of the top family travel destinations in the Philippines. It is not only known for its tourist spots, but also for quality leisure facilities. Because of this, anyone can enjoy this famous city with their children, thanks also to its kid-friendly attractions that will surely take their breaths away.

Planning to visit this place with your family? Read on to find out how you can explore this awesome city:



Whether you are a nature-lover or you simply love flowers, you can surely love the calming and magnificent views that will relax your senses in Sirao Flower Farm.

Known as the “Little Amsterdam” because it is evocative of Amsterdam’s colourful ambiance and nature, the farm is an 8000 square meter of uphill land that is very famous for its different species of flowers.

If Amsterdam is popular for its tulips, the Sirao Flower Farm has its celiosa flower, also known as wool flowers or cockscombs. It also has various colourful flowers like hyacinths and sunflowers. With other facilities like selfie corners and some replicas of Dutch-structured windmills, even your kids can surely appreciate the place as their eyes will never get tired of the colourful sights around them.


If you are looking for a historical place to explore that your kids will also want to discover, head on to the Temple of Leah. This place is famous for various reasons-its Greek and Roman architectural structure that speaks about the lives of the people in the past, and most of all, the romantic story behind it.

According to the locals, this was built to show the unconditional love of Teodorico Soriano Adarna to his wife Leah Villa Albino-Adarna.

This temple consists of 24 chambers which includes a museum, art gallery and library. Moreover, you can also find some of Leah’s personal belongings. The structure includes gigantic lion statues and a grand staircase with brass angels.


Cebu City will never get tired of making you feel closer to nature, and Kawasan Falls is one of the ways. This spot is composed of three levels of about 1.5 kilometers. As you trek to the waterfall site, various shops can be encountered selling food, dry bags and renting life jackets that you must have for the kids
for safety purposes.

One thing that you and your family will love here is the turquoise waters. With water activities like rafting, Kawasan Falls is a great place for families and big groups.

10000 ROSES

The 10000 Roses café is a tourist spot in Cebu that’s become more and more popular in the recent years. Known for its “instagrammable” interior, it features two patches of artificial LED roses that light up from dusk till night.
With this awesome sight, you may think that visiting this area must be done at nighttime, but you can visit any time of the day. If you’re aiming both for a great photo and witness the lighted roses around you, consider visiting at dusk.

Aside from the lighted roses, 10000 Roses café is located beyond the ocean, so expect a cool breeze and additional scenery that will surely satisfy your cravings for Vitamin Sea.

Some Takeaways to Bring with...

Over the years, Cebu remains one of the best destinations in the Philippines. In almost every aspect, leisure and fun, entertainment, shopping, nightlife, adventure, relaxation and even the more formal stuff like business, trading and residency, you can really have it all in the city. Another amazing thing is that it is still one of the cheapest local destinations, so this will also work for those who are budget conscious yet wanting the best travel experience.

From being a simple and quiet city that’s waiting to be discovered, Cebu city now prides itself on being a local paradise that has been enjoyed and continually enjoying by lots of travellers from here and even abroad. From unleashing its beauty, developments came later, and until now, its prosperity seems to be never stopped!

Besides these awesome wonders, kids can also take a glimpse of the country’s possessions while enjoying its child-friendly facilities. Even toddlers can be given lots of opportunities to learn and explore their environment. Plus, their Cebu experience will surely be one of the most unforgettable childhood memories with their families!

With these mentioned sites and more, the country’s “Queen of the South” is indeed becoming a popular and exciting place not only as a solo traveler but for the whole family looking for a great escape to the daily routines they have. It is also the best and wholesome family affair everyone, especially your kids will always remember. Cebu City surely has lots in store for you and your kids.

After all a family that travels together, stays together!

Q&A with Origin Travels

What do you love about travelling with your child?

I love spending quality time with my son and I think it's important that we start to build memories with him even though he's still a child.
How is travel different as a mom?
You have to pack a lot of things. It's really stressful but it's worth it.
What do you look for in a family vacation?

Something that my son and husband will enjoy. We even did canyoneering with my son. All of us are really adventurous. 


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