From India to Canada: Finding my Place in the World

From India to Canada: Finding my Place in the World

January 29, 2021

Story submitted by traveler Mayuri

I moved to Canada from India in 2009 and will never forget the first snowfall. Where I’ve lived was hot and humid and I had never seen snow before.

I moved to Toronto, Canada as an international student, to complete my MBA and gain international work experience. At the age of 22, I packed my things and came to the airport by myself for a red-eye flight, and it felt amazing! I did it! I am a first-generation immigrant, and the first in my family to have ever left the country. I am sure this has inspired others to follow the same - to pursue dreams!

Compared to the crowded market lanes and streets in India, the streets of Toronto felt almost empty. But slowly, it became home. I made a lot of friends and every weekend I was out in the streets of Toronto capturing beautiful landmarks, visiting museums, and heading on day trips!

Canada waterfront

In the last decade, I have gotten to know the landscapes and the warm friendly people from all walks of life. Living in Canada I have learned the important lessons of wanderlust and tranquility. I have achieved success here, thanks to the encouraging work environment. I always feel safe here, I don’t have to think twice when I leave the house for travel, work or for anything (a feeling that most people probably take for granted). 

I always wanted to travel, and road trips in the Canadian national parks and cities really fueled that interest. I work full time, but make the effort of organizing weekend getaways and road trips as much as I can.

My favourite road trip is through the Canadian Rockies. I live in the province, so it is an easy pick (I have lived in 3 provinces in Canada in the last 10 years, and have explored a lot of the country in a short span of time!). From Calgary, road tripping to Banff, Lake Louise and finally in Yoho National Park, admiring the stunning mountains, pristine lakes and enjoying the landscape!

Between new friends and exploring new places, I met my husband, Salil, when we were studying in Toronto. Throughout these years in Canada, he has been the most inspirational person in my life. He was the one who motivated me to stay in Canada and pursue my career here. We got married in the lap of the beautiful Canadian Rockies mountains, and have been exploring the world ever since. 

Canada has truly helped me succeed here as a person, and as a professional. And most importantly it has fuelled my wanderlust and introduced me to the love of my life!

Canada landscape

The advice I would give to anyone looking to move to a different country is be open. Things will be different from your home country, and being open will allow you to understand the new place and not get disheartened if things don’t go your way. As with any job, any school (whether in a new country or your own), you have to work hard and prove yourself! Don’t let initial setbacks discourage you from experiencing a new country and new culture!

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