5 Ways that Travel Changes You.

5 Ways that Travel Changes You.

July 22, 2019

Nobody ever comes back from a trip and regrets going.

Having seen a little piece of the world, you come back inspired to explore the rest, with the feeling that something inside you has changed and a journal full of incredible stories to tell. Even if everything happened to go wrong, there is so much value in learning to cope with happenings outside of your comfort zone. This is how travel can change you:


You learn to be more open.

When you’re out in the world, you meet new people and experience new cultures. You are forced to step out of your comfort zone and be in situations that you aren’t used to at home. You’re in situations speaking with people who tell you inspirational stories, opening your eyes to the incredible people doing incredible things in the world, and opening your mind to possibilities you’ve never thought of.

You gain confidence.

You went to a country where you didn’t speak the language and navigated the complicated train system. You woke up at 4am and climbed a steep mountain in the dark to see the sun rise over the clouds. You stood up on a surf board. You did things that scared you and took you out of your comfort zone and now you’re confident in your ability to achieve anything.


You learn to be flexible.

No matter how much you prepare for your trip, you will encounter obstacles and unpredictable circumstances. Bad food that makes you sick for days, late trains that cause you to spend hours at the station instead of out exploring, and language barriers that take you in the wrong direction. These obstacles challenge you and ultimately teach you how to rise up to the challenge, think of solutions and learn to be okay with straying away from your plan.

You learn communication skills.

The language barriers force you to learn how to pick up on non-verbal cues and read people. You watch their facial expressions and body language when you don’t understand what they are saying. You learn how to explain what you’re trying to say or ask clearly and patiently. You learn to listen when someone is speaking, either because you don’t completely understand what they’re saying or because they are telling you something intriguing (in broken English). You meet and interact with so many different personality types that you gain a deeper
understanding of how people communicate with each other and how you can create better connections with different types of people.

Pictured below: Traveller Hannah on our March trip to India. Her purse had just been recovered after being stolen (by a monkey) with the help of an entire village block who banded together to help her get it back!

You broaden your horizons.


Every day you have an experience that becomes an extraordinary story. You meet people in hostel dorms who tell you what they’ve encountered on their journey. You chat with locals who narrate their everyday life and their experiences living in this country. You visit museums and historically significant places that tell you stories of culture and the place’s past. Having seen, and heard and experienced a small piece of the world, you come home with stories to tell.

So go ahead. Grab your passport and hop on that plane. The world is waiting for you.


- Sandra U

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