Womxn Tell us their Best Lessons Learned on the Road

Womxn Tell us their Best Lessons Learned on the Road

January 22, 2021

People often ask “what do you love about travelling?”

Travel means a lot of things to a lot of different people. It can be an escape from the monotony of our day to day life. It can be a search for deep connection. It can teach you lessons about the history and culture of different people from around the world – the lessons they skipped over in the classroom. Most importantly, it teaches you things about yourself that you may never have discovered if you hadn’t ventured out of your comfort zone. Read on for the lessons our travel crew has learned about themselves:

(Photo from Explore, Yoga + Surf: Costa Rica retreat)


It is of utmost importance to ensure you have the correct travel companions 👌

Tania Ferreira

That I can rely on myself and push myself to do what I want!

- Annonymous

That I am way more flexible about things than I thought.

- Robin D. Kardon

That I’m resilient AF

- Natalie Rose

That I am smaller than the tinniest grain of sand in this universe but I am resilient, resourceful, curious, passionate and forever growing with every new place and person I encounter.

- Annonymous


That I am a badass! I’m capable! I can figure it out! That I love my own company.

- Chav Gobioff Landau, @Conciergehomecooking


That sustainable tourism resonates with me.

- Lia Hershkovitz, www.guidemeaway.com


That I’m able to do what I most fear!

- Lynda Bentoura, algerian_girlsboys_love_travel


That I need to value every second of my life. I have been very blessed

- Kristina Elena Casas Mendiola, @Casastropikalak


Time and budget management but still enjoying your time - balance 😎

- Abby Saldua, @ just.bhie.you


Travel does the heart good. I'm the happiest when I am traveling!

- Joëla Jansen, @travelingdushi

Travelling has definitely brought me out of myself and made me more confident

- Annonymous

(Photo from Rainforests, Islands + Surf TOFINO retreat)

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