Merchants of Plenty: The Old Quarter, Hanói, Vietnam

Merchants of Plenty: The Old Quarter, Hanói, Vietnam

November 01, 2018

After about 20 hours in transit from Bali, we were dropped off in the middle of the Old Quarter of Hanoi. 

The seemingly endless amount of busses, planes, motorbikes & negotiating that had gotten us to this point left us both in a state of anxiousness, and the tension could be cut with a knife.

As the driver sped away, the vastness of the market territory (combined with a lack of sleep and relative unpreparedness) left us in a state of bewilderment. This market housed a merchant for anything and everything that you could (and couldn’t) possibly think of, and the winding streets were heavily crowded with those looking to earn and spend a buck.

We quickly scurried to our guesthouse to re-callibrate. After a quick nap, and a revived charge for adventure, I slipped back out onto the streets and back into the vibrant heart of of it.



  1. Get a good rest before venturing in. Next to my first time in Bangkok, this was one of the best sensory-overload experiences I had in my time in Asia! (Not scary, overload, as in so-much-to-see-all-of-the-time good.)
  2. There will be a lot of things you've never seen, strange things wriggling around in buckets on the side of the road, things hanging from food stalls. Take it all in.
  3. The roads in here are narrow and winding. Print out a map, or follow the GPS wirelessly on your phone to find your way back to your bed.
  4. Check out this (tiny) restaurant serving traditional Vietnamese vermicelli with grilled beef (  - Bun Bo Nam Bo 
    * Its a tiny place - so grab a seat and get served (there is only one thing on the menu).

See you on the road,

Britt, Origin Travels

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