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Taking you from the Andes mountains in Peru to the vast Merzouga desert in Morocco.

Introducing our collection of trips for 2020.

Ruins + Mountains + Textiles: Peru (9 or 11 days)

 There is something uniquely enchanting about the balance of ancient and modern culture in Peru.

┼ Explore the artisan districts of Lima, and get a tastes of famous Peruvian cuisine with a bite of ceviche.

┼ Step back in time on a walk through colonial Cusco, the continent's longest-inhabited city - and ancient ruins of the Sacred Valley. 

┼ Lace up and take a three day trek along the Lares trail along the stunning Andean mountain range.

┼ Marvel at the great Machu Picchu.

┼ Drive into the Huacachina desert, and relax in its oasis. Sip on sweet wine from this region.

This trip has a bit of everything. Plus the flexibility to travel for 9 or 11 days. Either way, you'll never forget it.



Sand + Spices + Merchants: Morocco (11 Days)

Spend 11 days exploring one of the most ecologically and culturally diverse places on earth.

┼ Barter with merchants over glittering goods in Marrakech.

┼ Cover territory across mountainous, coastal, and desert landscapes.

┼  Wander around the pastel blue streets of Chefchaouen.

┼ Ride a camel through desert as far as the eye can see.

┼ Explore the fragrant Valley of Roses and learn how rosewater is made. 

┼ Learn what real pampering is in a traditional hammam.

Morocco is one of our favourite places on earth, and it wont take long to see why. 

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The Feminist Tour of Paris (5 days)

The word “feminism” was itself coined – in its modern meaning – by the French suffrage activist Hubertine Auclert.

Think of this trip as visiting your best friend in Paris. From tasting wine from female french makers, burlesque and drag shows, the Louvre and exploring other interesting historic sites - its everything you could want from a 5-day city romp.

Travel over International Women's day, or in the summer!

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Change Makers, Beaches + The Wild: Kenya (11 Days)

An adventure rich in wildlife, serene scenes, and sheer woman-power. This is a special edition trip in collaboration with Zawadisha. 

┼ Swoon over baby elephants at the incredible Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

┼ Explore bustling Nairobi

┼ Hang out with the change-making women of Zawadisha

┼ Stay with Mama Mercy - a local superhero who worked tirelessly to remove the stigma attached to AIDS in her community

┼ Safari through the secret gem of Tsavo National Park

┼ Soak in the sun on the pristine beaches of the Kenyan coastline.

┼ Devour Kenyan home cooking.

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