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Origin Travels trips works with local merchants, artisans, chefs, philosophers, guides and visionaries to create, real + epic experiences for our travellers. From learning the ancient art of ceremonial cacao making from Gigi in Guatemala, to watching the hands of Nena grate coconuts that have sustained her Costa Rican family for generations, we are committed to crafting our itineraries around opportunities to meet with incredible people who are changing their communities.

Expect to devour lots of locally prepared food, move your hips to traditional music, bounce around on rough terrain (it's fun!), learn about the world (and how you fit in it), and try a bunch of new things.

Expect a trip of a lifetime.

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Is Origin Travels right for me?

Origin Travels trips welcome all travellers, with special departures for female-identifying travellers and the majority of our travellers falling within the age range of 20-40something. Our trips are for you if you are:

+ interested in off-the-beaten-path travel with a flexible itinerary, in company of a like-minded, intimate group.

+ passionate about exploration and learning.+ open to trying new things (i.e. local food

+ activities) and adapting ways of life local to the places we visit. Our trips are not suitable for travellers who expect their comforts of home to be fully accommodated abroad.

+ comfortable with going with the flow. (Due to the outdoor nature of our itineraries, many our activities are dependent on the weather cooperating!)

+ inclusive. We are LGBTQ+ positive and loving of all cultures. This means respectful of adhering to the customs of the culture we are visiting. 

+ interested in a mix of activities that get you into nature, immerse in the local culture, and time take a break from it all. 

+ enjoy the freedom to break off from the pack and explore solo from time to time. 

+ committed to making sure that your travel practices are a force for GOOD!

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