Reclaiming experiences that make us human.

Origin Travels is on a mission to place off-the-beaten-path adventures within arm’s reach for young adult women/womxn. We exist to bring people together through experiences that go beyond travel’s shiny exterior: its all about trusting in yourself, your physical strength, and the inspiring women around you to conquer everything from towering peaks to your own self-confidence.

We don't "detox". We trust that energy is inspired when we break out of our day-to-day and allow ourselves to nurture our wild; when we get outside, and move to sound, taste new flavours, immerse in a culture that isn't ours, and find comfort in company of the like-minded. This concept is central to our itinerary curation, and it's just the reboot you need (not to mention, a reminder that your body is built for more than Excel spreadsheet editing).

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Let's do it.

A tour that doesn't feel like a "tour".

You won't be watching the world go by on a bus.

We work with trusted local hotel owners, guides, scholars, artisans, and merchants to curate vibrant, once-in-a-lifetime experiences allowing you to connect and immerse comfortably. 

We hear your desire for light-structure. Our experiences are designed to include the perfect balance of authentic adventure, and freedom to explore on your own. Plus, you'll have the flexibility to customize your adventure to your interests and budget with epic add-ons, like morning yoga classes, or surf-lessons. All this along side a small group of like-minded womxn who are just as excited about adventure as you are.

local womxn connection

We watched the 70 year old hands of Nena grate coconuts that have sustained her Costa Rican family for 3 generations. We learned the somber stories of women who are survivors of acid attacks, and their vibrant charge to reclaim their lives in Agra. We chatted no-filter philosophy with Gigi - a chocolate maker and Mayan priestess in Antigua. Our badass, local female guides shared stories of their day-day life in the country they call home. 

Your guide

What better way to experience a country than through the guidance of a local? All of our trips will be accompanied or led by a spirited guide who will show you all of the parts about their country that they love. 

Pictured here: Anjali, our lovely guide for India, Road to Rainbows! She is a self-proclaimed chai-addict.

britt kasco

head adventurer

A note from the Founder

Pretty sights and delicious food aside, immersive travel has given me opportunities to think on my feet, find my way in the world without wifi, trust the guidance of others, use my body to conquer natural landscapes, and take risks. Ultimately, it is the times that I have allowed myself to nurture wild ambitions do I've walked away feeling a little more sure of myself, a little more confident (badass, really).

I started Origin Travels to empower self-identified women to boldly access the wild, beautiful world in the company of a like-minded group and skilled guide. I can't wait to see you on the road, soon.

- Britt

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Origin travellers are passionate about going off the beaten path, and authentic experiences.

+ We are LGBTQ+ positive, and cater our trips to support non-binary, self-identified womxn travellers.

+ We thrive on a mix of activities that get us into nature, immerse in the local culture, and time take a break from it all. 

+ We enjoy the freedom to break off from the pack and explore solo from time to time. 

+ We love trying local food. 

+ We love meeting local people. 

+ We support local businesses, and aim to leave a green footprint wherever we go. 

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"Ultimately, it is the times that we allow ourselves to nurture wild ambitions do we walk away feeling a little more sure of ourselves, a little more confident (badass, really)." - Britt Kasco, Founder

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