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1 Retreat = 5 Trees Planted

We at Origin Travels acknowledge that tourism-related emissions are a real issue. To help reduce the impact of our own carbon footprint, we have partnered with OneTreePlanted to aid global reforestation efforts. 

We know that our tree-hugger travellers would want to help out too, so for every retreat you take, 5 trees will be planted in your name.


 current area of focus

California Wildfire Facts

Our tree planting contribution is going to OneTreePlanted to help their mission to plant 1 million trees in California in 2019. Click here to learn about our progress so far.

As of Nov. 27 2018

Camp Fire

Status: Contained

Location: Butte County
Approx. 154,000 acres burned
85 fatalities confirmed
Approx. 14,000 structures destroyed (including homes)

Woolsey Fire

Status: Contained

Location: Los Angeles County, Ventura County
98,362 acres burned
3 fatalities confirmed
Approx 800 structures destroyed

Global Forest Watch

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If you would like to find out more about helping the reforestation initiative in California, give us a shout and we will direct you to the right resources!

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