Slow Payment Plan

Save your spot with a $250 deposit

We get it! Sometimes we don't have the cash on hand to buy the things we want - but that shouldn't mean that you lose your spot on the trip of your dreams. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Choose to pay the full amount instantly, or put down a $250 deposit to hold your spot. (Please note that this option is only available if your chosen trip is departing in at least 60 days from the initial payment date).

  2. Once your deposit is paid, a member from our team will reach out to you with the invoice and payment plan details.

  3. Choose to pay for the remainder of trip in ONE or TWO easy payments.

    ONE PAYMENT | The remaining cost of the trip will be due 30 days to departure date of the trip.

    TWO PAYMENTS |  The remaining cost of the trip will be divided in two; the first payment is due 60 days to the start of your trip, and second payment is due 30 days to the start of your trip.

It's that simple! And don't worry, we will send you reminders along the way to help you stay on track.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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