Women's Retreats: Guided Group Retreats for Women

A collective of explorers who know that the only way to find ourselves, is to get lost. 

Pretty sights and delicious food aside, embarking abroad gives us opportunities to think on our feet, find our way in the world without wifi, trust the guidance of others, use our bodies to conquer natural landscapes, and take risks. Ultimately, it is the times that we allow ourselves to nurture wild ambitions do we walk away feeling a little more sure of ourselves, a little more confident (badass, really).

Origin Travels was started to empower self-identified women to boldly explore the wild, beautiful world in the company of an like-minded group and skilled guide. This is not your typical “tour”. Our itineraries are designed to give you flexibility to explore, and customize your adventure to your interests and budget with epic add-ons, like morning yoga classes, or surf-lessons. Think of it more like that epic girls road trip that you’ve been wanting.

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Should I travel with origin?

Origin travellers are passionate about going off the beaten path, and connecting with our roots.

We thrive on a mix of activities that get us into nature, immerse in the local culture, and time take a break from it all.

We enjoy the freedom to break off from the pack and explore solo.

We love trying local food.

We love meeting local people.

We support local businesses, and aim to leave a green footprint wherever we go.

Sound like you? Explore our trips.

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About the Founder

Britt Kasco is a long-time adventurer, with a passion for  authentic travel experiences that combine local food, getting to know local people, and using our bodies in nature. She uses her experience gained through travel in over 35 countries to design itineraries that blends the ideal balance of the elements she loves.  

She feels that there’s a certain vibe that comes with travelling with a bunch of like minded babes.

A vibe that allows you to relax into being, just enough to make make-up a little more ignorable.
A vibe that doesn’t mind that your legs aren’t shaved (the 🌊 is less cold with a little insulation, anyway.)

A vibe that gives you the courage to dance wildly, open-up, or break down. (Or talk a about how that food stall corn you just ate is making you feel 😅)

Britt created Origin Travels to connect adventurous souls in off the beaten path places, and make spaces where we can truly experience our surroundings, as we are. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!


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