Sand + Spices + Merchants: Morocco (11/15 Days)

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Morocco. The land of everything.

A melting pot of North African, Berber, Arab, French, and Spanish culture -  Morocco is unparalleled when it comes to diversity. Even when it comes to the landscapes, you can start your day in snow-capped mountains, and finish it in a palm tree plantation on edge of the desert.

This 11-day adventure was crafted to give you the opportunity to experience it all. Taste your way through the street stalls in Marrakech, learn about the significance of the colour in Chefchaouen ("the Blue Pearl"), get mesmerized by glittering merchant stalls in Fes, learn the process of how the country's most coveted oil - argan - is made at a local women's coop, and rejuvinate your skin at a local hammam.

This is one of Origin's more fast-paced itineraries, but its only because there is so much good to see, so little time.

4-Day Coastal Add-on

Take more time to explore an entirely different vibe of Morocco's coastline. Salute the sun before taking a surf lesson in Taghazoute - one of the best places to learn along the afro-Atlantic coast. Then, take a day to lazily wander Essaouira - one of Morocco's bohemian, and most serene, sea side cities.

To book this add-on, select the 15-day tour option. Trip can also be booked independently.

Add Ons

Traditional Community Hammam Experience, 1 hr (+$15 USD): 

This is one of our favourite opportunities to get local. Follow your guide into a community steam room. You will be lathered with a soap made by pressed olive oil skins, and scrubbed down by a woman helper. Please note that this experience is not advisable for those with sensitive skin.

Luxury Hammam Experience1hr (+$75 USD): A private treatment using luxurious and fragrant oils, followed by a massage.

4-Day Coastal Add-On: 1 night in Taghazoute, 2 nights in Essaouira. Trip includes transfer to and from Marrakech.

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